TOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłeTOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłeTOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłe
TOROZ. PL Nunchako metalowe
TOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłe
TOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłe
TOROZ.PL Nunchako metalowe okrągłe
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Nunchako METAL 2 pcs.

Metal nunchakos, black (orange peel)


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czarne, połysk – skórka pomarańczy
2 sztuki 

Nunchako is a very difficult grip that forces the wrist to be positioned vertically. It allows you to train on many levels and helps to develop a strong forearm. It gives a unique alternative to pull-ups, strengthening the biceps. It is perfect as a supporting element in training for climbing. For OCR amateurs, it is an important training element, because it appears at competitions more and more often. For Ninja Warrior lovers: a “must have”
in the arsenal of training gear.

Overcoming the nunchak sequence requires a lot of biceps strength (in the bicep technique) or superhuman strength in the wrist (in the swing version). A training variant for real enthusiasts who want to make a “vice” from hand and impress with “monkey” power straight from television.

Nunchako is made of metal with coating (orange peel – for better grip), with an eyelet sling that allows easy attachment with a tape, chain or carabiner.

Our gripping difficulty scale in 2 categories
A: FORM / SHAPE from 1 (easy), 2 (difficult), 3 (very difficult), 4 (ultra difficult)
B: COAT from 1 (super adhesive), 2 (medium), 3 (little), 4 (slippery)
Composite Nunchako = A4, B3

Summary: an ideal tool for athletes training climbing and taking part in Ninja Games competitions and in obstacle races such as Spartan Race.
High level of difficulty.

material: metal
coating: powder painting
hook: metal eyelet
diameter: 2.7 cm
handle length: 30 cm
2 piece included


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Trenuj, rywalizuj, baw się bo sport to zdrowie!

Training based on the weight of your own body is nothing new, but we have decided to rediscover it. By drawing inspiration from OCR obstacle courses and the American Ninja Warrior program, we have created a product line that will allow you to train your grip and mobility on various planes. It will undoubtedly take your body’s fitness to a completely new level. Get ready to compete in the Elite series. Improve your skills and test yourself in OCR Races, National, European and World Championships.
With our equipment, you are just one step away from winning!

If you happen to require a piece of advice, inspiration, or support in arranging your own OCR or climbing zone, do not hesitate to contact us. We are familiar with the subject, as we are active sports aficionados ourselves and we train regularly by using this equipment. We will help you plan and design a home training park or build a dedicated combo set.

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